With a colder weather, and especially with the first snow, the coat is your obligatory part of the wardrobe, and this winter is also one of the most important garments. If you are just getting ready for shopping, you will surely use several fashion tips on what kind of coat you choose, and what are the models, what colors, materials and length are in the trend this season.

When the materials are in question, they are in the second season this season, more important is the model, the shape of the coat. And the so-called. architectural cut, marked by slightly enlarged shoulders, expanded sleeves, waist-belt waist. You will not make a mistake with coats that have very large collarbacks.


The black and white combination of the coat is also a good choice. When it comes to the length of the coat, do not buy very long, handy models up to the knees.

Most often we choose a coat that will last for several seasons, so it is convenient to be in a buckle, it has a belt, then it can be combined with a cocktail dress, a daily dress, if the coat is more classic. Great combination according to the advice of the stylist Zrinka Mareković: coat, jeans, dolcevita or shirt, and the one that is fashionable this season with a bow.

Scarves with which you will be dressed should be long and big. If the coat is a classic cut, then leather gloves will best fit. If it’s up to your knees, then you can wear boots of that height. It is recommended for the skirt to be slightly shorter than the coat. An addictive addition can be socks, these winters are thick, black, they look almost like tights.

For the younger it will be attractive to combine a coat with a patterned pattern. If the coat is black in color, then some gloves have other colors, thus achieving a casual look, you will refresh the classic cut.

There are certain nuances and pieces of clothing that require special attention when combined and wearing on certain occasions, and one of these garments is a white coat.

Although it never comes out of fashion, a white coat requires special attention and is sensitive to weather conditions. Maintaining a white coat is a very difficult job, and it’s the same with wearing it, because you have to be very careful not to rub it.

Still, if you want to look fresh and sophisticated, you can not make a mistake with a white coat. And keep in mind that you will not go unnoticed in it.


Although by the date of the start of the winter there is just over a month left, we all know that low temperatures are possible at any time late autumn. When you have already decided to “throw” in a not-so-cheap investment in buying a coat, which you will probably wear for the next few autumn-winter seasons, then you definitely need to buy something that is trendy, which fits you and what will eventually warm you up.

This year, fashion designers have played not only with materials, but also with styles. But what is common in almost all models is that they are characterized by straight lines, somewhat wider cuts, several rows of larger decor buttons and a generally retro look from the 1960s and 1970s.

We have selected a few groups that could be classified as coat models, but if you look at it better, you will see that the styles and styles are interwoven.

Our belief is that every woman should have an elegant coat. You may not need it for every day and maybe it will not be the hottest winter clothing item in your closet, but it’s a garment in which you’ll look beautiful and feminine in cold weather. This year, predominantly worn-out models are stretched over and below the knee, although there are those longer models that go a little above the ankle and shorter ones that reach the middle of the thigh.


What makes someone comfortable, somebody will go under the elegant. In addition, other clothes and footwear that you will wear and, of course, the accessories will be of great importance to you – hat, gloves, scarf, purse … Characteristic for casual models is that they are somewhat shorter, some only go to the beginning of the thigh, some to the middle of the thigh, and they are the longest to the knee. The stitches are more “sporty”, youthful, with big shins and buttons. And these coats are characterized by straight lines and overshadowing colors, and some light gray and white models.

This style could go under the casual style of the coat, but since this year is so popular and widespread, we decided to sing it in a special group.

Double rows of buttons such as festive military uniform, high Russian collar or broad collar in military style, ornamental cufflinks and a strict simple cut, characterize military style. The most common are the shorter models of coats that reach the maximal to the middle of the thigh, and the most popular are patriotic colors – white, blue, red. The exception is unavoidable gray color – the top color this season.

The other subtypes of the leisure style are coats of quilted material or the samples of the fish bone sample. We can freely say that these are models designed for younger people, who can easily wear this kind of coat to other clothes and accessories. Carried models of this year most often have a gray base that is covered by some vibrant colors – blue, purple, pink, red or some light neutral color.


But always from the many collections we could see on the catwalk, we can extract those little more retro, that is, models that seem to have come out of your mother’s and grandmother’s closet. These beautiful, but even somewhat extravagant models are not for everyone’s taste or style. But what is certain, if you choose one of the similar models, you will be spotted and recognized as a trendy person.

The sudden cooling brought us new fashion sweet treats like thinking about renovating the cloakroom for the cooler days. New trends every season make our hearts shrink when we think of interesting fashion pieces because, in fact, every woman loves shopping and everything that goes with him.