For all models of coats wearing this season it can be said that they are retro, some a little more a little less

But always from the many collections we could see on the catwalk, we can extract those little more retro, that is, models that seem to have come out of your mother’s and grandmother’s closet. These beautiful, but even somewhat extravagant models are not for everyone’s taste or style. But what is certain, if you choose one of the similar models, you will be spotted and recognized as a trendy person.

The sudden cooling brought us new fashion sweet treats like thinking about renovating the cloakroom for the cooler days. New trends every season make our hearts shrink when we think of interesting fashion pieces because, in fact, every woman loves shopping and everything that goes with him.

The autumn fashion and the trends that come with it are especially interesting because they stretch across all commodity categories and because it is very practical to dress stratified, since the morning and evenings are very cold and the days are warm. For this reason, it’s quite okay to start thinking about warm jackets and coats.

If you are considering the nuances in, the fact is that with classical models such as light brown, gray and black, you can not make a mistake, although the trends for this season are more interesting colors, such as pink, mustard, purple, and even currently unavoidable leopard print . If your jacket and coats in the animal print really like you, and you’re not sure how to combine them with the rest of the brands, we suggest you play safely and wear them with black clothes. With this you will surely not make a mistake, and apart from being very warm, you will be noticed, in the trend, and you will break the monotony in your own closet.

In case you are not a type for coats and that you prefer the casual way of dressing, the jacket on a buffalo in silver, pink and pink color is an ideal warm and colorful choice. Such jackets perfectly match all occasions, so you can carry them to work, for a walk, for socializing with friends, and even for a fun trip to nature.