Winter approaches us horribly and it means that coats will become unavoidable garments in the wardrobe of every woman

The fashion style that dazzles its bracelets in the streets of famous fashion metropolis has always fascinated us. Street fashion is not always beautiful and sophisticated, but every time there is something for which we always look forward to this corner of the fashion world.

We have selected models for you in all occasions, and it is up to you to choose the model and color that suits you best
If you’re going to get down on a snowy slope in some European ski resort, you’ll be sure to have a real ski jacket that will protect you from the cold of high mountains, snow and ice. But if you are getting ready for work, going out, having a romantic dinner and so on, you will surely not wear a ski jacket.

Coldness is certainly one of the decisive factors when planning to dress, but fortunately this winter, world fashion designers dictating which cloths will be worn out of season in the season, put on their sleek designs longer and warmer coats, as their bones would not be frozen.

Here, all other fashion industries have been given “green light” to make thicker, warmer and more comfortable winter coats than they were in the past season. So in the game are the materials with a high percentage of wool and cashmere with cotton, polyester and some long artificial materials, and materials of different knitting and patterns.

For the past two seasons, designers have become more and more startling with color selection. While for the past, but also the following spring, the summer had chosen brighter, more intense and brighter colors, they smoothed them in pastel but still slightly shifted colors this winter. It can be said that each has its own story and sends a message.

Choosing colors for your new winter coat from this table will surely not make any mistake. Of course, you can always play with shades, but this year you can not go wrong if you choose a black or white coat and a purple or denver blue coat. These two colors have so much been used in the past two seasons, so we can call them the classic colors.

We have already emphasized that the purple and blue colors have become almost classic, and if you buy this coat this autumn, you will certainly not make any mistakes. Large pockets with decorative lids, belts as an integral part of the coat or as a separate fashion addition hit this winter.