Where is the boundary between elegant and casual style? It is not strictly defined, it is more a matter of taste

What makes someone comfortable, somebody will go under the elegant. In addition, other clothes and footwear that you will wear and, of course, the accessories will be of great importance to you – hat, gloves, scarf, purse … Characteristic for casual models is that they are somewhat shorter, some only go to the beginning of the thigh, some to the middle of the thigh, and they are the longest to the knee. The stitches are more “sporty”, youthful, with big shins and buttons. And these coats are characterized by straight lines and overshadowing colors, and some light gray and white models.

This style could go under the casual style of the coat, but since this year is so popular and widespread, we decided to sing it in a special group.

Double rows of buttons such as festive military uniform, high Russian collar or broad collar in military style, ornamental cufflinks and a strict simple cut, characterize military style. The most common are the shorter models of coats that reach the maximal to the middle of the thigh, and the most popular are patriotic colors – white, blue, red. The exception is unavoidable gray color – the top color this season.

The other subtypes of the leisure style are coats of quilted material or the samples of the fish bone sample. We can freely say that these are models designed for younger people, who can easily wear this kind of coat to other clothes and accessories. Carried models of this year most often have a gray base that is covered by some vibrant colors – blue, purple, pink, red or some light neutral color.