If you have not yet bought a winter coat, then it’s time to do it as soon as possible

Although by the date of the start of the winter there is just over a month left, we all know that low temperatures are possible at any time late autumn. When you have already decided to “throw” in a not-so-cheap investment in buying a coat, which you will probably wear for the next few autumn-winter seasons, then you definitely need to buy something that is trendy, which fits you and what will eventually warm you up.

This year, fashion designers have played not only with materials, but also with styles. But what is common in almost all models is that they are characterized by straight lines, somewhat wider cuts, several rows of larger decor buttons and a generally retro look from the 1960s and 1970s.

We have selected a few groups that could be classified as coat models, but if you look at it better, you will see that the styles and styles are interwoven.

Our belief is that every woman should have an elegant coat. You may not need it for every day and maybe it will not be the hottest winter clothing item in your closet, but it’s a garment in which you’ll look beautiful and feminine in cold weather. This year, predominantly worn-out models are stretched over and below the knee, although there are those longer models that go a little above the ankle and shorter ones that reach the middle of the thigh.

Most models are characterized by straight lines, large buttons, large collar with accessories such as fur, lace, ornamental pockets. The colors are predominantly overshadowed, from black, gray and brown shades, and red and purple.