What a coat to choose this winter – a few suggestions

With a colder weather, and especially with the first snow, the coat is your obligatory part of the wardrobe, and this winter is also one of the most important garments. If you are just getting ready for shopping, you will surely use several fashion tips on what kind of coat you choose, and what are the models, what colors, materials and length are in the trend this season.

When the materials are in question, they are in the second season this season, more important is the model, the shape of the coat. And the so-called. architectural cut, marked by slightly enlarged shoulders, expanded sleeves, waist-belt waist. You will not make a mistake with coats that have very large collarbacks.

But the real hit are collars with fur, especially if it’s a loose lamb fur. Inspired by Mongolian jackets and coats, the designers for the winter of 2018 proposed novel fur skins, which were mostly featured on hoods last season, while this winter was hit, especially right fur, despite the always loud protests of animal friends.

Rivets or decorative stones are also placed on the collar. Fabrics are mostly classical, if your coat is most important to warm up, then choose the heat of the wool or cashmere. They wear coats of artificial materials, shiny, they can look like longer jackets, follow the classic line of cuts.

This season is also a popular military look, with coats look like military trousers, ranks, these models are somewhat longer. In the trend is a chartered pattern, designers also propose models with steering wheels on the chest. Of the samples, this season and leopard is represented.